Paris Saint-Germain Academy is finally open in 2023

Paris Saint-Germain Academy symbolises the club’s commitment to youth development, both on sporting and educational levels. Today, the Academy is present in 20 countries, where more than 30,000 children learn to play football the “Paris Saint-Gemain way”. We share the vision of enhancing football experiences for children aged 4 to 18 years old, at any skill level. Our young football players will learn to play with Paris Saint-Germain’s values and will be taught: to be proud of their club, to respect their teammates, their opponents and referee. We will promote football in Japan as part of the culture that Paris Saint-Germain represents, as well as other aspects including fashion, languages and e-sports.


Providing world-class standards

While in Japan, children can learn the same world-class training that Paris Saint-Germain players such as Mbappe and Messi do on a daily basis. We propose the unique 'Paris Saint-Germain method', which was created by the club's technical director and common to all teams, from the youth academy to the professional team. It creates intelligent players who understand the game, can adapt to different situations and, as they grow up, are able to make the right decisions independently. The ultimate goal of the Academy is to develop good footballers, but also to transmit strong educational values which will be part of the child day to day life.

Connect to the World

"Your child will benefit from several cultural experiences, through regular training sessions and international events (if selected).
Classes are held in Japanese, as well as utilising English, so your child will be exposed to foreign languaged during each training session.
The PSG Academy World Cup is an international event held once a year. For four days, teams from every Academy come together, offering them a unique sporting and cultural experience. The kids play in a football tournament, visit Paris and get to watch a Ligue 1 live at the Parc des Princes. Also, the two best players from each Academy in the world get to participate every year in the PSG Academy Selection Camp, an intensive week-long camp with the aim of helping the youngsters to continue their development and introduce them to the demands of elite football."

Classification according to level

Even the most famous players start out by getting comfortable with the ball. Anyone, even beginners, can feel free to participate in our trial classes. The Academy offers regular classes for Beginners and Elite (selective) classes. For those who want to join a higher level class, we encourage you to aim for the Elite class with a high level of motivation in daily practice. Members of the elite class are aware that they must be able to act as a role model within the team.



This is a small-group class for children from 4 to 6 years old. Children who are starting football for the first time will learn the joy of physical activity and a sense of camaraderie by cooperating with friends, as well as other important early childhood motor and communication skills through football. (Re-Elite class only)

Pre-Elite Class

Pre-Elite Classes are open to first grade elementary school students and beginners. The class is designed to develop individual physical and decision-making abilities through the sport of football, including more flexible use of the body and decision-making skills.

Master Skill Class

The "Master Skill Class" focuses on acquiring fundamental individual techniques and techniques tailored to various situations, while incorporating the Paris Saint-Germain methodology. Regular "Game Days" will be scheduled to emphasize practical application of the skills.

Elite Class

This is an Elite class that can be joined after a tryout with the coaches. This class is designed to develop players who not only understand and can implement the Paris Saint-Germain method, but who can also look to the world to improve their skills and become a role model for their teams wherever they play.


Tokorozawa School

Tokorozawa School

Tokorozawa Kouku Koen Futsal A or Soccer field
22-12 Kita-Yurakucho, Tokorozawa City, Saitama

Train : Seibu-Shinjuku Line Kouku Koen Station 1 min
Parking: No
*Please use public parking
【Tokorozawa School Campaign】 Tokorozawa School is offering free admission and 1 months free tuition for students who join within 1 week of their trial lesson.


Time Pre-Elite Class Capacity
16:00-17:15 Toddler 6 & G1/2 20
17:15-18:30 Grade 3&4 20
18:30-19:45 Grade 5&6 20


Time Pre-Elite Class Capacity
14:14-15:15 Toddler 4-6 20
15:15-16:30 Grade 1-3 20
16:30-17:45 Grade 4-6 20


Time Elite Class Capacity
15:00-16:15 Grade 1&2 Elite 20
16:15-17:30 Grade 3&4 Elite 20
17:30-18:45 Grade 5&6 Elite 20
18:45-20:00 Grade 7-12 Elite 20

*Only children who pass the test can attend the Elite class on Sunday.


Shirokane School

Shirokane School

address: 1-17-12, Kamiosaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo


Time Class Capacity
15:00-16:00 Toddler 4yrs 6
16:00-17:00 Toddler 5yrs 6
17:00-18:00 Toddler 6yrs 6
18:00-19:00 G1&2 Master Skill Class 6
19:00-20:00 G1&2 Master Skill Class 6



Membership Fee ¥22,000
Annual Fee ¥19,800
Sports Insurance Fee ¥1,100
Uniform Set ¥16,500
Uniform: 3-piece set of NIKE shirt, pants, and socks

*Tokorozawa School Enrollment fee and the first month tuition will be waived if you join the school within 1 weeks after participating in the trial lesson.

*Siblings Discount:20% from monthly tuition for 2nd child

Monthly Tuition Fee / 1 week (Tokorozawa School)

Toddler Class ¥7,700
Elementary school students Class ¥8,800
Elite Class ¥11,000

*Siblings Discount:20% from monthly tuition for 2nd child

Monthly Tuition Fee / 1 week (Shirokane School)

Toddler Class/G1&2 Master Skill Class ¥9900


Technical Director

Daigo Kobayashi

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, former national team player. After playing for Tokyo Verdy and Omiya Ardija, he was selected for the national team under Osim. He has been a member of professional teams in Vancouver and the U.S. He will retire in 2022 and has been appointed technical director of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy.

Coach-Tokorozawa School

Riku Sato

Born in Saitama Prefecture. Formerly a member of Japan's national mini-football U-21 team. After entering university, he dropped out of college in order to be in an environment where he could devote himself to football, and joined SV HALL in the Austrian third division. He then moved to Spain, where he played for Silla CF in the fourth division. After returning to Japan in 2022, he became a coach at PSG Academy.

Coach -Tokorozawa School

Takumi Otawa

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture. Graduated from Shimizu City Commercial High School.
He started playing soccer as a child and played for SC Tottori (now Gainare Tottori) and Yokogawa Musashino FC. After working in a general job, he decided that he wanted to be involved in the development of children, so he joined the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Japan as a coach.

Coach -Tokorozawa School

Go Ohno

Born in Tokyo. Graduated from the University of Tokyo. I am a big fan of Paris Saint-Germain, having spent more than 10 years in Paris since he was a kindergartener and going to the stadium every day.
I started playing soccer as a child and played for Olympique de Neuilly and other teams in the western suburbs of Paris. My goal is to pass on to children the knowledge and life experiences I have gained from playing, watching, and analyzing the game, and to develop human resources from multiple perspectives.

Coach-Shirokane School

Jun Onodera

After working as a school coach for a J-League club, he joined Paris Saint-Germain Academy Japan.
He holds both soccer and futsal licenses and specializes in teaching children of all ages not only technique, but also tactical training.

PSG Academy Global Technical Director

Benjamin HOURI

French coach with more than 10 years of experience at Paris Saint-Germain, where he oversees the coaching of the academy. As technical director of Paris Saint-Germain's academy program, he is responsible for creating and overseeing the technical programs of all club academies abroad. On a daily basis, he is also on the technical staff of Paris Saint-Germain's U15 team based in Paris, where he specializes in the development of young players from 4 to 18 years old.



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